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Playing toddlers
Toddler Playing
Babies Room

Birth- 2 years

During these early years, we love to care for, nurture and guide our Babies to grow in confidence, and physical development and develop basic self-help skills. 

Children love to engage in exploration, musical activities, reading books together with educators, painting, sensory play, balancing and coordination building and learning to feed themselves; holding a bottle or using a spoon with meals.

Art Class
Toddler Room

2 years - 3 years

Children form strong relationships with Educators. During this stage of development, children are learning verbal communication skills, gross and fine motor development and self-help skills. Toddlers develop these skills through a variety of activities; dress-ups, group story and music times, flashcards, outdoor play on bikes and sandpit, creative art activities and many more.

Art Class
Kindergarten Room

3 years - 5 years

Our Kindergarten Room provides opportunities for children to continue developing their self-confidence, independence, problem-solving skills and social skills through spontaneous or planned experiences.

The Government Funded Kindergarten Program for 3 and 4 year old enables children to explore and engage in play-based group learning experiences and develop a range of skills and understanding to transition into Primary School.

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