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Playing toddlers

Our Team



Tina has been passionately working with children from the past 9 years. It was truly her dream come true to run a child care facility and to provide safe and nurturing environment for children. Her passion for childcare drives her to create a positive and enriching experience for each and every child in the care. 



Rachel has the experience of working with children for over 5 years . As being a Kinder Teacher, her dedication and hard work within the Centre proves really beneficial for the Kinder children and their readiness for school. As being a mother she understands the challenges parents face when it comes to finding reliable and high-quality childcare. 



Janine has been working in the Early Learning sector for over 20 years and she has been working as our centre manager for over 15 years. She holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education. Janine provides the centre with experience and you will see her engaging with children through a range of learning environments.

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