Centre Events

Throughout the year our centre holds many special events where families are invited to participate in their child's day at the centre or to assist with incursions, working bees or make any suggestions to the children's learning program. We also invite community members to educate children and families.

Each week children have the opportunity to participate in a music program run by Rhythm & Moves, children have the opportunity to play different musical instruments, story props, and learn a range of songs in English, Sign language and other languages spoken within the community.


Every month the centre aims to provide children with an incursion or special event to further promote there learning experiences within the centre, their home, or further develop their current interests. This year the children will be given opportunities to participate in:

  • Audiology Visit

  • CFA Fire Safety Incursion

  • Centre Children's Photo's Week

  • Christmas Party

  • Community Occupations, a day for parents to discuss their occupations with all the children

  • Croydon Conservation Society

  • Dental Hygiene Incursion

  • Dress-Up Days

  • Easter Egg Hunts

  • Eat for Life Healthy Eating Incursion

  • Education Groups Dinosaur Digging Incursion

  • Emergency Evacuation Drills

  • Father's Day Breakfast

  • Grand Parent or Special Persons' Day Afternoon Tea

  • Henny Penny Hatching Program

  • Kinder Christmas Graduation Concert

  • Mother's Day Pamper Party

  • Multicultural Celebrations eg, Diwali, Holi, Chinese New Year, Bastille Day, etc

  • National Tree Day

  • Parent Teacher Interviews and Information Session

  • Police Community Safety Incursion

  • Science Dissection Week

  • School Readiness Program

  • Teddy Bear's Picnic

  • Victoria State Government Responsible Pet Program

  • Water Safety Programs

  • Wildlife Xposure's Native Animal Incursion and Marine Life Incursion